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Welcoming Autumn with Open Arms

A new season is a time of change and inevitable transition. After a long, surprisingly hot summer, here at Texture we have welcomed Autumn with open arms.

Not only is Autumn an excuse to drink gallons of tea (like we need one) and leave a party at 8pm when already dark outside, it's also an excuse to bundle up in oodles of warm, cosy, unctuous fabric. Or, if the Irish weather remains its fickle self, not.

Either way, we have a new collection, as well as some old favourites to help you through this unpredictable climate.


When it comes to colours for Autumn, we all know the drill: rusted yellows, burnt oranges, rich forest greens. But what about trends? For this, we turn to fashion week and the magazines lucky enough to attend.

Here are six of their picks, some runway inspiration, and of course, some very special fabric that we feel would do wonders in making these trends your very own.

But first, because we also believe in setting your own trends, here are some must-have fabrics for your wardrobe and your sewing machine this season:

1. Tweed


2. Metallics


3. Tartan and Check


4. Silk


5. Pleats


6. Animal Print


You can shop our new collection online or in-store, and if you subscribe to our mailing list, you can enjoy 10% off our first fabric order!

Happy sewing!

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